Through the hubris of humankind we've delpleted the energy from our star. What was once a glowing star bathing our planet in warmth and life is now nothing but a cinder, a dwarf star. It was our last source of light and power as we long ago exhausted our natural fuel sources on earth. Ours stars light is now barely strong enough to cast dim shadows.

Human civiliation is thrown into ever lasting darkness... soon wars, disputes, and destruction reigns supreme as humanity fights for what light and energy remains.

As mankind falls a dying scientist releases his final experiment into the world; pyro sprite, a living flame.

Pyro's main objective is to bring the light back to the world, at any means possible...


Pyro is the only sprite of his kind; a living flame that needs a constant supply of "food" (flammable objects) to survive. It's goal is simple, bring light to as much of the planet as possible... through fire! While it's creators instructions where simple and well meant it will have major consequences.

Guide pyro through the collapse of mankind and work your way through the stages by creating enough "light" to move onto the next stage. Anything flammable can be used to create light; crates, newspapers, gasoline (if you can find such gold!), buildings, humans, dogs, horses... you get the picture. He can even use the fire and explosions from the ongoing human war around him to fuel his mission.

You'll navigate each stage in near total darkness only being guided by the light pyro makes and the light given off by our dying dwarf star.


Picture a world bathed in silhouettes were objects are barely illuminated by the light of the dwarf star. Mini eplosions on the dwarf star will scatter a little more light now and then to help you through the world but you'll still mainly see silhouettes.

Moving animals would only be visible by their silhouettes and the occasional reflection from their eyes. People still have some basic energy and use night vision and other equipment to aid their movement during their battles. Our warefare on this dying planet will be felt both far and near. As firefights breakout in the disance you'll see flashes of lights and fireworks of lights when they are in pyro's reach.

Pyro will be fighting his own war to push back the darkness while working his way through ours. Pyro is an antihero; his goal is to set the planet on fire to return the planet back to the light it lost. Light is his mission and destruction is his destiny.